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Voice Recorders Ltd. Suppliers of digital voice recording systems telephone call recording, 2 way radio communications recording, microphones room audio recording. Single line recorders, multi channel voice recorders and mission critical voice and data recorders. Call Centre voice recording software, FCA, DSS, PCI compliant credit card masking, call quality monitoring software, pc screen recording synchronized with phone call recording.

Established in 1999 we have a wealth of experience of systems connectivity: Analogue, Digital TDM, ISDN, VoIP, RoIP, Mixed Hybrid recording systems all with installation and support services.

Voice recording solutions for all, from a single line to economical multi line recorders through to large enterprise wide systems.

Hot Products

NexLog 740 Mission Critical Voice Logging Recorders  
The NexLog 740 is a Mission Critical Voice Logging Recorder with Interfaces to all leading PBX, Command and Control Systems, Digital trunked radio systems. Records VoIP , RoIP, Digital PBX analogue SIP Trunks can mix and match in the same box.

New Neos
Neos phone call recorder hybrid analogue and Vo IP  
Neos Desk a budget price standalone hard disk recorder with networked PC's access, automatic back up archiving to DVD or Blu Ray disks or USB or network attached / cloud storage.
Neos supports multi channel simultaneous recording from 4 to 24 analogue inputs (for example telephones, radios, intercoms, microphones), or 10 to 30 VoIP (SIP/H.323) inputs. Hybrid mode 24 analogue plus 30 VoIP channels.

New Call Recorder VoIP Record IP phones on your own PC's
Records IP phones , SIP VoIP, Cisco, Avaya etc.  
A low cost easy to implement call recording solution for small business recording applications. The Call Recorder VoIP records you IP desk phone and can record up to 4 VoIP phones .

It's a powerful little hardware and software combination that connects your networked IP phone to your computer via LAN and USB connections, allowing you to record phone calls automatically or manually.

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We offer a broad range of products for almost any voice recording application.

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