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Carmo Mobile Phone Recording

Mobile Phone Call Recording SystemsCarmo is a software application  installed on mobile phones that records calls  directly to a Silver Line Recorder Server located on customer premises or data centre. 

FSA compliant.    READ More ......  

Silver Line Quarto - Octo - PRI - BRI

Affordable range of digital recorders from 4 to 30 phone lines. Analogue, ISDN. Superb Arana Web Browser Interface. PCI call masking fo8 Line Digital Voice Recordersr credit cards.     Read More ....

Total Recall Max  "The Big Daddy"

Powerful hybrid digital voice logging recorder,  8 to 120 channels. Analogue, VoIP and ISDN 30 on a singleDigital Voice Recording System platform. Mission critical redundancy. SNMP Alarms.    READ More ......

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Short or long term rental plans.

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FSA Regulates Mobile Phone Call Recording

demoFrom November 14th 2011 Company issued mobiles will need to be recorded. 

FSA publishes PS10/17. 

Voice Recorders Ltd offer several different mobile phone call recording solutions from a single phone to 1000's. Please contact us for advice.


Total Recall Goes Underground

                                      London Underground Voice Recording

Total Recall Max Rack Recorders are being  installed by Siemens on the London Underground Victoria Line Control rooms upgrade.

Total Recall Max Hybrid Recorder records Siemens VoIP phones, VoIP screen consoles as well as radio communications and direct analogue lines all on a single platform.

Total Recall Max is a "Mission Critical" recorder with a stable Linux operating system, dual hot swap RAID 1 hard drives and power supplies. SNMP alarms.

Total Recall Is Network Rail and London Underground approved.

Affordable Professional Voice Recording & Voice Response Solutions

Voice Recorders Ltd. Specialist voice recording company, providing a wide range of digital voice recorders for voice recording telephone calls & conversations, mobile phone call recording, radio communications recording, microphone room audio recording. We offer customers true product choice, value for money, best fit for purpose and budget. From a single user to small medium and large sized companies and Government.

True Choice of Solutions.  Standalone voice recorders or PC network access via client software or web browser. Analogue, Digital PBX, VoIP, ISDN, FSA Compliant Voice Recorders, Mobile Cell Phone Recording, Skype, Jabra Pro Headsets. Voice Servers, Auto Attendants, Multi line Voice Announcing / Answering,   Fax Distribution Servers. Call Centre Quality Monitoring, Screen Recording.

Service & Support. Many of our standalone digital voice recorders can be DIY self installed, some voice recording servers can be installed and maintained by in house IT staff. We offer installation, training and support contracts for customers who want a fully managed voice recording service.

Confused ? need help?  to choose the right solution? just fill out a contact me form or call 0207 232 0253 we will be pleased to discuss your requirements with the promise of no sales hassle or pressure.

Trade and Resellers Opportunities !  please enquire.      On-Line Catalogue selected products only.

Product Showcase - Please click on  Products  to see our full range.

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NexLog 740 Mission Critical Voice Logging Recorder

Advanced Communications Voice and Data Logging Recorders  for Public Safety, Utilities, Air Traffic Control, Emergency Services, Control Rooms, Commercial, Trading and Call Centres. Where ultra reliable voice recording of every spoken word counts. Advanced Browser Software provides instant and multi operator replay  for incident analysis along with data screen recording.

 Read more ....

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Call Recorder Apresa

Scalable Call Recording solution for the more demanding applications. Ideal for Call Centre's and SMB organizations but scalable to enterprise level.  It delivers high quality recordings for verification, dispute resolution, quality monitoring and training.  Read more ....
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Business Recorder

Microphone recording of meetings,  interviews, conferences, performance reviews, training sessions, consultations, legal log books, lectures etc. High capacity hard disk recorder with CD USB and PC interface and software, Transcription. Read more ....  

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Espero Voice Server

Espero PBX Auto Attendant Voice Server for ISDN lines, If lines are temporarily busy it keeps callers in an intelligent waiting queue telling them where they are in the queue and use the time to inform them about your products or services. Answers calls and announces recorded messages, provides call statistics, records all calls.   Read More ....

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Call Recorder Apresa

Apresa  is a Turn- Key, Scalable VoIP Call Recording solution ideal for SMB organizations 10 to 150 phones. Affordable and professional VoIP recording system, developed around the simple concept that all functionality should be built in, no additional software needed. Read more .... 

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Call Recorders PRI

Economical ISDN 30 trunk hard disk call recorder.  Unique  "Pass Through Mode" Search for recordings by telephone numbers and extensions. Outgoing call announcing. Superb PC playback software with call statistics network PC Client or Web Browser.
   Read more ....
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Total Recall  Classic Rack

Total Recall Rack is the compact, reliable and entirely self-contained solution for recording, archiving, searching and replaying your important phone and/or radio communications. Combined analogue and VoIP recording 4 to 72 channels.  Read more ....  
Blackberry Mobile Phone Recording UK Voxsmart for Blackberry    Coming Soon

FSA Compliant mobile phone recording. From November 14th 2011 Company issued mobiles will need to be recorded.  FSA publishes PS10/17.    Voxsmart a hidden application that resides on the blackberry Smartphone. All Calls are recorded live on a Silver-Line server located on customer premises.   
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Oygo Jabra Pro™ headset Recording

Oygo Call Recording solution uses the Jabra Pro™ headsets or Emotion W880 to record from desk phones and mobile phones with Bluetooth. Oygo automatically stores all recordings on your PC. Read more ....

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Call Recorder Pico  - USB   

Automatically record telephone calls on your own PC's along with telephone numbers.   1 to 4 Pico's per PC. Excellent Graphical Software.  Connects to all telephones, analogue, digital, VoIP, Skype. Supplied with Software CD Connection Module and leads install in 5 minutes.  
Read more ....

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Fax Servers - Go green save the trees

Automatically stores faxes and distributes to PC's. Operators can send and receive faxes from their PC workstations easily. Versions for analogue, ISDN 2, ISDN 30. 1 to 16 lines.  
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Octo & Quarto

4 and 8 line economical hard disk recorders, telephone line recording and 2 way radio comms .

Standalone operation with PC Client or Web Browser access software. Search; time, date, telephone numbers extensions, notes.  Read more ....

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